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so another family sat behind me in morning mass and like halfway through the liturgy their children started quietly chanting for pizza

me: now taking cover requests
follower: sing eyes, noise, mouth
follower: eyes, noise, mouth
follower: noise, mouth
follower: nOISE
me: we ran out of eggs
mom: no more egg
me: no more egg
mom: sad day for egg
Hello Shayne! Thanks for answering my questions. I have another question. Sorry. How can I increase my self-esteem? I'm asking you this because you said that you gained confidence. Unlike me, I keep on hiding in darkness (of course, literally). Thanks.

hm… i definitely gained more confidence from my time in korea but it’s not as if i’m not shy anymore. i still am! just a lot less than before ^^; if you want my opinion, gaining confidence involves stepping out of your comfort zone and improving on that a little bit at a time. it’ll be really uncomfortable at first and maybe even embarrassing, but if you want to change, that’s the best way to do it. being in korea put me through a lot of those situations and that’s how i think i was able to become more social :)

Shayne, how are you different now than your old self? I think you had changed a lot since you went to korea.

i get this question a lot and y’know… despite having gone through a lot in korea, i like to think that i’m still friendly and down to earth ^^; but what i think i gained most from my experiences in korea was a greater perception of the music industry. actually working there as an artist really opened my eyes to just how difficult it really is. i think i’ve also grown a lot as a person + musically and gained some confidence as well, even though i’m still pretty shy haha. most importantly, after leaving high school, i literally had no clue what i wanted to be doing later on. at the very least, i now have a much better idea of that!

Do you REALLY read all the comments in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media?

honestly, yes. i really do. i’m on the computer quite a lot (ask my parents lol) and plus, it’s not like i’m known enough to the point where it gets impossible to check all of my comments. so it’s actually pretty easy to keep track of all my social networks :) 

so… if you’ve been on youtube for as long as i have, you’ll know that not only has the site changed visually, but even just trying to stay relevant as a youtube cover artist has become a lot more difficult. after all, there are tons of more youtubers now, tougher competition for views, etc.

i’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and while i was doing that, i came up with an interesting way to challenge myself :D it’s the #1songaday challenge! it’s pretty self explanatory but basically, i’m covering a song a day through my instagram인스타그램에 15초 커버 매일 올릴 거예요 ^_^ it’s not an original idea of course, but i thought it would be a great way to keep me making content for you guys.

by far the most annoying thing about making covers for youtube is how long it takes. especially if you’re doing them alone. i have to compose the arrangement, sing the song and shoot the entire video all by myself… which doesn’t sound like a lot, but sometimes it can take well over a day depending on the cover. 

the nice thing about instagram uploads is that there’s a 15 second limit! :) i can upload something for you every day without completely killing myself trying haha.

anyway, i really don’t know how long i’ll be able to keep this up for, but i’ll do my best. feel free to request me songs to cover in my ask box, or wherever you want lol. too many social networks to keep track of these days +_+ see you guys soon!


here’s my MAL for all you anime lovers ^_^

another week, another cover! ^_^

ever since uploading a cover of "kailan" some time ago, i’ve been getting a lot of requests from you guys to do more opm songs! so… i tried :-) haha. my pronunciation still needs work but i’m hoping that with practice it’ll get better over time ^^; 

the song i chose for this week is a song by toni gonzaga called “kasama kang tumanda”. daniel padilla did a cover of the song and i really liked his version, so i did my own take on it! it’s mainly because of his version of the song and the g2b ost that i even decided to do this cover at all so, if you were wondering, that’s why i have his name in the title of the video.

i know that a bunch of korean viewers were confused with the video as well so i’ll try and explain the concept. the song lyrics talk about growing old together with someone, right? ^^ i really wanted to show that somehow, so the parts where i’m not singing are me wrapping a gift that symbolizes growing old together. think of it as a gift from me to you! i hope we’ll all be together for a long time.

anyway, i think i’ve said most of what i wanted to say. it feels really good to be able to cover whatever i want! i’ll try and put up some more stuff for you guys soon. i’m back home now and i don’t have much coming up so i should have time to work on new videos.

as always, thank you for all of your love and support! your encouraging comments really mean a lot to me ♡ 

until next time!